Ted Nugent

From a recent blog item:

The story talks about a Brooklyn restaurant owner (Ted Mann)  who recently found out that he was the biological son of Ted Nugent!

“I was like, ‘The guy who kills everything?” says Mann, laughing. “It’s been overwhelming and awesome and confusing, I’m still acclimating to being a Nugent.”

Being related to Ted Nugent has got to be a pretty interesting situation to be in. Beneath the right wing, gun-toting rants lies a pretty cool guy. In the 1980’s I became friends with his parents, who lived in a suburb of Chicago. “Ma” Nugent wrote a column for a local music newspaper. I took a photo of her and Ted for the top of the column, and a friendship was born.

About once a month, I would be invited out to the Nugent house for dinner with Marion and Warren Nugent. Almost every time, we would eat something that Ted had killed. The meat was usually sent to them along with a picture of Ted standing with one foot on the bloody carcass, gun or bow and arrow raised over his head in triumph.

On many occasions I would get a call in the morning from Ms. Nugent telling me to get my butt in gear- we were going to a Ted Nugent show! An hour later she would pull up in front of my house in her SUV and we would head to Michigan, Indiana or Wisconsin to hang with her son, the rock star and guitar god.

One night at dinner, Mr. Nugent asked me an odd question. Could I help them get tickets to see the Lawrence Welk Orchestra, who were playing the following Sunday afternoon. I arranged for the Nugents to go backstage and meet Mr. Welk, where they presented him with some Ted Nugent camouflage tour merchandise, with Ted’s name written in blood on the front. A perfect gift for Lawrence Welk!! As Ted was playing later that night at a nearby venue, we made it a double header! Lawrence Welk in the afternoon, Ted Nugent in the evening. A very weird day of music!

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