The English!!

Why do English people care more about American Roots music that Americans?? I was reminded of this when I bought the latest issue of MOJO Magazine. Brian Jones is on the cover and the CD included features songs (By the original artists) that the Rolling Stones covered in the beginning of their career. It is a greatest hits album of 6o’s blues and R&B!

Muddy Waters

Bo Diddley

Jimmy Reed

The Coasters

Chuck Berry

Slim Harpo

And several more

Meanwhile, American magazines have a reality star or an American Idol star on the cover every week (Or a story about a Kardashian relationship!)

Watching the opening and closing of the Olympics, It was amazing to see them use artists, both young  (Ed Sheeren, Snow Patrol) and old (The Who, McCartney) to celebrate English Music. Even the Spice Girls were kind of sort of fun!!


Kind of sad what we in America call culture and fame in the 21st Century.

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