The Fan

What would the artist be without the fan? While going through some old Aerosmith photos the other day, I came across this image that I took in 1982. There is some dedication to their favorite band!! Those days are gone. One almost never sees this kind of display in 2015! It seems that the audience just sits there waiting for the band to deliver. There is hardly any passion anymore!

Aerosmith at the Rosemont Horizon on November 24th, 1982 in Rosemont, Illinois.


That being said, the passion is on full display at Buddy Guy’s Legends this month. Remember, this is January ion Chicago!! The fans start lining up at about 6AM to grab the available tables- first come first serve. Buddy doesn’t come on stage till 10:30 or 11PM. The audience sits there for about 1`0 hours, eating and drinking and listening to music. They all know each other.

The three standouts in this arena are two guys named Mike, and their friend Ron. These guys have been to about 90% of the Buddy Guy January shows for the last 20 years!!!! Some might say that they are a bunch of whack jobs (and they would probably be right) but they are also smart guys with responsible jobs. One Mike is a real estate appraiser, the other fixes heart lung machines in hospitals around the area. Ron is a podiatrist. They not only come to almost all the shows, but they sit down front from start to finish and listen!! (except when they give up their front row seats so that someone else can feel a little joy).

Buddy Guy_0184









It seems that fans like these guys are in short supply these days. Any artist would be happy to have guys like this around!!!

Buddy Guy_0181

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