The Golden Age of Television

I just read an interview with Kevin Bacon where he calls this period of time the golden age of television. I have to agree!!

Justified (the best show on television right now- my opinion) just started a fourth season. And a new show on HBO started this week called True Detective, starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson as two homicide detectives in modern day Louisiana AND as the same two detectives investigating a serial killer in 1999. Both brilliant actors play (superbly) themselves 17 years apart.  I wouldn’t want to be the continuity person on that set with their hairstyles and clothing changing from minute to minute!

The cinematography is amazing, the dialog even better and the characters are written so beautifully you don’t want it to end. I seriously considering recording all 8 episodes and watching them as an 8 hour movie, but couldn’t wait and watched the first one last week. Getting ready to keep on being amazed!!

It also seems like the dumbing down of the American pallet seems to be reversing. This show is shot in almost all pastel tones, a lot of it through car windows with people in shadow. Maybe more people have hi-def TV’s, making this  a more visual decade, but whatever they are doing- it is working perfectly!


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