The political Saga continues!

Jesse Jackson Jr. and his wife Sandi both pled guilty this week to an amazing list of felonies and thievery. Its good to see that marriage became a training ground for a new criminal! How much she stole finally came out and she will probably spend some time in jail. Adjoining cells, maybe? While they both represented one of the poorer areas of Chicagoland, they were busily acquiring a vast collection of memorabilia, as they charged running their personal lives to their campaigns. It will be fun to see how long it will be before they try to get back into politics once they do their time. After all, a convicted child molester is running for Jesse’s seat (one of 20 or so people circling around for the power).

My guess is that there will be a cool auction of all the loot soon. Should be the social event of the year! Then we can go back to the business of Michael Bloomberg financing the campaign of the winner of the seat.

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