The Roots

Earlier this week, I tuned into the Tonight show and saw Jaime Foxx start an impromptu rap segment. The Roots (the house band) started playing along with him as if they had rehearsed for hours- although they didn’t rehearse at all.

This reminded me of what a great band they are. Every time I photograph them I am in awe of their talent. And…they are really nice guys to boot!!!

A couple of years ago, I was hired to shoot an ad with Questlove as the subject. I had the Fallon show set for exactly one hour. (union rules).

The Roots on the set of the Jimmy Fallon Show on May 20, 2011 in New York, New York.

When Questlove sat down at his drums, I asked him if he could just start playing a beat so that I could walk around him to shoot pictures. He started a perfect beat, and I started shooting. The rest of the band joined in, while he kept that perfect beat. All of a sudden, I looked up and we had spent ½ hour, and his timing never changed!

I finished up the shoot and complimented him for his cooperation and his musicianship. He shrugged and said “That’s what I do.”

On another note, in the recent Rolling Stone, Dolly Parton is interviewed. From Dolly:

“Back in the old days,you’d have an album done in just a few days time. But, Lord, now we have to slave over it until we kill all the fun and the naturalness.”

Couldn’t be more true!!!

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