The Voice

Don’t know why I watched the Voice finale. It was like watching a car wreck on the highway. Wanted to look away but couldn’t! Singers were terrible, with absolutely no personality. So they showed their families to make them cry. Very manipulative. Celine Dion kept on popping up to sing. Not very good, but damn, did she sing a lot of notes!

With about 30 minutes to go, they introduced Lady gaga to the mix. That’s when it turned from a car wreck to a train wreck!! I have always maintained that the best way to see if someone can really sing is to strip down all the staging and let them sing with minimal backing. That is what she did, and man does she SUCK!!!!! Horrible, out of tune voice and almost no stage presence. Halfway through the song, she did something that someone who cannot sing should never do. She brought out someone with a classically trained voice to duet with her. Christina Aquilera blew her off the stage! If I were Lady Gaga, I would have just dropped the microphone on the stage and walked off in embarrassment!

I first met Christina when she was 18 years old. I was hired to spend the day working at an auto race in the Chicago suburbs. This tiny 18 year old singer, who’s first album had just came out, signed autographs

Christina Aguilara at Auto Race and then sang an amazing version of the National Anthem.

Christina Aguilara at Auto RaceRight before the race started, someone asked me if I wanted to stay to see the race. They sat me in the infield grandstands, in a VIP section. A few minutes later, Christina sat down next to me and we talked throughout the entire race (mostly about how stupid it was to watch a bunch of cars that were going so fast that they were just blurs, and the fact that she wanted to meet Billy Corgan, who was sitting nearby. I have photographed her several times since, and she never fails to impress me.

Christina Aguilara She is a true star. Lady Gaga should maybe take some vocal lessons from her!!!

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