The World has REALLY Come to an end!!!

At least the idea of professional photographers. On Thursday the new issue of Sports Illustrated dropped through my mail slot. As I picked it up. I saw a nicely composed, adequately lit portrait of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on the cover. It had a littler pixelization but overall a nice picture.

I opened to page three and there was an “Article” titled “Behind the Cover.” At the top of the page was a picture of the photographer shooting with a smart phone. Looking closely at the “article’” I realized that it was an ad for the Moto Z Droid and that Sports Illustrated had sold the cover shoot to Motorola to hype their new phone/ Camera!!

The photographer, Michael J. Le Brecht, was quoted as saying, “I really loved the zoom. It’s a 10x Optical Zoom, not a digital one like you’d find on a typical smartphone.”

So, maybe I can get a few bucks for all of my Nikon equipment. I’ll just carry a cell phone around with me from now on.

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