Tim Tebow

Sometimes sports takes over for music (every Sunday afternoon in the fall, for example). Last Sunday, the Chicago Bears were playing the Denver Bronco’s and a few friends came over to watch the Bears dismantle Tim Tebow. For the first 50 minutes of a sixty minute game, they did just that. Shortly before the end of the game, the Bears were up 10-0 and Tebow was three for 16 passing. At this point, Tebow ran in from the sidelines and I turned to my friends and said “Here we go- the Bears are going to lose the game.” Sure enough, that is exactly what happened!

Yesterday (Saturday) I watched an ESPN Special on Tebow, documenting the time between the end of his college career (Heisman trophy and 2 national championships at Florida) and the moment he was drafted in the first round by the Denver Broncos. During the entire period documented, the show kept on cutting to so-called experts explaining why Tebow would not make it as a quarterback in the NFL, and would most likely be drafted in the 3rd or 4th round of the draft. In between these glowing testimonials, the show followed him dedicating himself to making himself an NFL quarterback, including one amazing scene of him pushing a full size SUV down a country road and getting it up to 10 miles on hour!

So this year, Tebow was made the starting quarterback, out of desperation, and has led the Broncos to seven wins in the last eight games, and has brought them to first place in their division. Today (12/18) he goes head to head with the best quarterback playing in the NFL right now (Tom Brady and the New England Patriots). We shall see who prevails.

I would love to see someone go back and ask all the “experts” what they think now. It always galls me when I go to see a band, they give it their all, and I read the next day in the paper about how bad the band was! I always want to call the critic and ask to hear his recordings, or ask when he is next playing live!

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