Tom Hanks

In the new Rolling Stone. There is a great article about Tom Hanks, with a fabulous quote from Julia Roberts, spoken at a dinner honoring him. When she got up to speak at the end of the night, she said:

“All right, well, it’s late and I’m paying my babysitter overtime and I have to pee, so: Evevvvverybody fuckin’ likes you.”

During my career, I have had several occasions to run into Mr. Hanks, and he has always been a totally cool guy.

The first sighting was during  a video shoot for a song that was the theme for a movie called Nothing in Common being shot in Chicago. The cast included, Jackie Gleason, Bess Armstrong and a young television actor named Tom Hanks. The song was by a band that I used to work with called the Thompson Twins.

During the shoot (on the set of the movie) Tom was kind of sitting around bored so I started asking him to pose for pictures. No problem!

About a year later, a friend of mine at PBS booked him for a kids show she was producing. He remembered me (usually nobody does) and we reminisced about the video shoot. He remembered details that I had long forgotten.

Several years later he was a guest on the Oprah Winfrey show. He was a big star by then, but made sure to come up to me before the show and reminisce again! A true Mensch!


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