Two Shows

My friends at Shure introduced me to two new bands this month. Both of them give me some hope for the future of music. They are booth young, with energetic front people, very good musicians with some very catchy songs.

Mister Wives, a young band from Brooklyn, are fronted by a young woman named Mandy Lee, put on an extremely high energy show, with a lot of movement and audience interaction. The show was sold out, and the audience knew the words to most of their songs, They have a massive social media presence, and it shows with fans lining up all afternoon to get a spot at the front of the stage.

MisterWives at Lincoln Hall on March 3, 2015 in Chicago, Illinois.

Magic Man is a five piece band from Boston. Lead singer Alex Caplow is a monster performer, who gladly slaps hands with audience members , some of whom have waited outside since early afternoon. The band is very proud of the c=fact that the “Fourth wall” has been broken down when they go outside during the day to  hang with people in line. Once again, the audience knew the words to every song, and sang along on every one. Keyboardist Justine Bowe and guitarist Sam Lee are great players, and the songs are definitely hit material.

Magic Man__0101Before the show I was talking to a couple that had traveled 100 miles to see the band. I felt guilty only driving 2 miles!!

All in all, some great new music


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