Vivian Maier

For the last few months I have been immersed in one of the strangest projects in my lifetime. I have come in contact with two guys who have acquired a large quantity of negatives originally belonging to a reclusive photographer , who worked primarily in the 50’s through the 70’s in Chicago, New York and various parts of Europe. Her name is Vivian Maier, and in the last few months she has become one of the most famous photographers in America (YIKES!! The power of the press).

This is worth checking out. There are two sites up with her work and story (and links to all the press)

I have had people over to my house every day for the last two months proofing negatives, scanning, spotting, and in general creating an amazing story that will hopefully make Vivian Maier known throughout the world as on of the greatest street photojournalists of the 20th century.

It is tremendously satisfying to be a part of this, and meet all the cool people involved in the project- and especially to see people band together- not for money, but for the love of art and the chance to tell a story about a great unknown artist.

If anyone reading this is in Chicago anytime between now and March, there is an exhibit of her work hanging at the Chicago Cultural Center on Michigan and Randolph in downtown Chicago.

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