Washington, DC.

Going into the subway in Chicago is like walking down a flight of stairs into a hole in the ground. And then there is Washington, DC!

I spent some time there (and in New York and Richmond, Va.) last week working on a book project. Took the DC Metro several times and I was in awe of the architecture in the subway stations of the Metro. Puts Chicago (and New York) to shame.

DC Metro_0003smallWhile in DC, we went to interview my friend Eric Hilton, one of the leaders of the band Thievery Corporation, who owns a bunch of restaurants in DC. We went to his restaurant “Marvin” named after Marvin Gaye. (He is a big fan of soul music.)

When I photographed him for the book, I positioned him in front of a huge portrait of Marvin Gaye painted on the wall. I kept on telling him to move his head so that I could catch the light.

Marvin_0025smallWhen we were done, he said something very interesting:

“I learned very early in my career to always do whatever the photographer tells me to do. They know what they are doing.”

YIKES!! Why can’t they all be like that.

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