What a week!!

For the last year I have been complaining about not getting access and not shooting a lot. Well, this week brought back the good old days

Saturday 8/14:

Spent a lovely evening with John Mayer and the Avett Brothers. Spectacular show, great lighting, and John is playing guitar better than ever. He just bought a new camera, so we discussed RAW versus JPEG at length before the show. A great way to spend a Saturday night.

Tuesday 8/17:

OZZFEST!!! Made me feel young again. A little bit deaf, too. I was there to photograph Ozzy, but someone backstage asked me to shoot a band called Nonpoint, and I am glad I did- great band and a lot of dreadlocks flying through the air. I was just going to relax till Ozzy- but then Rob Halford walked by, and I couldn’t resist. Arguably the greatest metal singer around, and one of the nicest guys in the business. So I got off my butt for some kickass metal. Then came the grand finale. The Prince of Darkness. As usual the show started with video clips of Ozzy mixed into popular culture (Twilight and Jersey Shore). Then he appeared on stage, looking and sounding better than he has in years, spraying the audience with both water and foam. I managed to keep my camera dry this time, and got some great shots.

Thursday 8/19:

Went to New York for the day to see my friend Benj’s photography show opening at Morrison Hotel Gallery. Benj is the bass player from O.A.R. and has been shooting for as long as I have been working with the band and this was his first show. Great time catching up with him and the rest of the band. Also met legendary music photographer Mick Rock for the first time. Wacky, great guy!

Check out Benj’s work at http://www.benjgershman.com/

Friday 8/20

Got up in the morning and flew back home to get ready for SLAYER and MEGADEATH. Yikes!! Louder than a jet plane, amazing lights and sound and a sold out crowd of metal maniacs! A perfect Friday night. Was talking to Kerry King (Slayer guitarist) before the show and he was telling me about almost losing all their gear in a tornado the month before in Europe and them saw and heard a great 3 hours of music. (sounded like we were in a tornado most of the night!

Saturday 8/21:

Spent the evening with my friends the Black Crowes, who have slowly evolved into one of the greatest live touring bands on the planet. Every time they come to town, they seem to have added another person to the band (they are up to 9 now). The music, now a mix of acoustic and electric, runs the entire gamut of their catalog, along with some tasty covers (Do Right Woman was especially great).

Finally the week ended and I went home and slept for about 10 hours! (Although if this kind of access was available all the time, I could get used to it!

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