Where is the fun??

It seems that American rock bands have stopped having fun. They all look so grim on stage, as if it was a chore to go out, perform, and make a huge wad of money!!

And then there are the Latin bands! Man, do they know how to have fun.

This week I photographed a Mexican band called  Café Tacvba. The got together in 1989, and have been traveling the world ever since. They mix traditional Mexican folk music with Electronica, hard rock. The band sells out arenas world wide, and sold out their show here in Chicago. The audience knew the words to every song, and sang along.

They take great care that their shows are well lit, and sound great. Although I didn’t understand a word that was said from the stage, it was still a great experience. The joy coming off the stage was real, and the joy coming back to the band was the same. You don’t see much of that any more!!

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